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Kelley Robson Feb 21, 2023 2:27:47 PM 2 min read

TechSTL Founder Interview


Get to Know Kelley Robson, Founder, CEO of Pivto Digital Learning


In which sector is your company most closely aligned?


What does your company do?

Pivto is a healthcare digital learning company with a cloud-based LMS platform and complimentary digital education services.

Pivto is transforming digital learning for the healthcare industry. We are an Edtech company that produces engaging content for leading healthcare organizations, including Pfizer, Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, University of Missouri Health, Walgreens, and more.

Our eLABORATE™ LMS platform empowers organizations to deploy learning quickly and cost-effectively to external users.

What makes the St. Louis region an ideal home for your company/organization? Why do you choose to operate your business here?

St. Louis is a great place to be as a woman-led start-up company. 45% of startups in St. Louis are woman-owned— one of the highest percentages in the country. The St. Louis region is a particularly great place to be as a healthcare-focused business. There are major health systems headquartered in the St. Louis metro, including BJC HealthCare, Mercy, SSM Health, and Ascension. Healthcare organizations employ over 200,000 people in our region, and there has been a great amount of growth in our bioscience and health community.

What has been the most valuable resource (person, tool, organization) for helping your company grow? How did you find it? How do you utilize it?

Arch Grants. Pivto was proud to be awarded an Arch Grant for 2022. We were honored and appreciate not only the monetary grant but the additional support but they provide founders to help us succeed.

What advice would you give new tech companies that are trying to navigate the current market?

Consider starting a B2B business. Businesses have budgets that need to be spent; I’d much prefer to have a handful of clients than have hundreds of thousands of customers paying a few bucks a month. In addition, sales and marketing expenses are more manageable.

Tell us about the next big thing in your technology sector. How will this affect your business?

AI as a tool; modern Edtech companies are using the latest and greatest tools, and AI is becoming more and more common as part of ed-tech workflows

What is the accomplishment you are most proud to share from 2022?

We leased space and opened Pivto Studios in November. We now produce 100% of our video-based healthcare learning in-house.

What exciting development is on the horizon for your company in 2023?

Pivto is excited to announce our partnership with another great St. Louis organization, IAME. This partnership will allow us to offer accredited continuing medical education to our clients.